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Our culture and benefits

Let‘s enjoy more. Enjoy the benefits of balancing your life and your job environment and rewards to make it all worthwhile. Work #LikeABosch

At Bosch, your job matches your lifestyle.

Everyone has their own focus in life. Whether it’s about new professional challenges, training and development, or more time for family, friends and hobbies. Whatever your goals — we’re flexible. Let‘s strike a balance.

Flexible working

Archimedes had one of his best ideas in the bath. We know that good ideas can arise anywhere and, with our flexible working policy, you can work in a way that suits you, your project and your team. Even those with management responsibility can make their work fit their life — not the other way around.

Work and Family

Work isn’t just about you; it’s about those you live with, love and look after. You can only take care of business if we help you take care of those around you.

  • Parents can work flexible hours
  • If you’re posted abroad, we’ll support your partner with finding a job, look-and-see trips, language courses and further training grants.

Health and wellbeing

Your wellbeing is important to us; you matter. Only when you are happy, healthy and have a balanced life can we achieve our goals together. Most of our initiatives, developed in collaboration with leading specialists, are entirely free of charge as we benefit as much as you do. There’s a suite of preventative care measures, our ‘befit’ program that covers physical and mental health; from workplace design through to return-to-work integration management. We’re eager to help everybody with mental health, healthy nutrition, and create a brave, balanced and resilient working environment.

Culture, sport and leisure

Work takes a lot out of us so, if you want to achieve a healthy balance, you need to put a lot back in. We have a range of nourishing and enjoyable classes, clubs and events to add a little inspiration, distraction and fun into your Bosch life.

At Bosch, we celebrate you

Our people are what make us remarkable. This is why we recognise your contribution with competitive salary packages, attractive benefits, and sincere ‘thank yous’. Our success is your success. Let’s celebrate together.

Over hundred participants of the “Working Out Loud Conference” are smiling at the camera, holding their arms in the air and having a great mood.

Rewards and recognition

We enjoy our work but we also enjoy the rewards. Every employee matters, so we offer an attractive base salary and regularly compare ourselves to the wider market. For every employee, we take into account your individual achievement, your specific role, and expertise. Our joint contribution to the company‘s success is recognised with corresponding bonuses based on the company performance; because top performers deserve top salaries. In addition, you‘ll receive an all-inclusive package of additional benefits that only a global multiplayer can offer.

Two participants of the hackathon „Bosch Connected Experience” in Berlin are jumping in a big ball pool.

The Bosch culture

“We are Bosch’ clearly and concisely expresses our corporate identity. We want to leave a lasting mark on the world — created by a unique, outstanding team.” (Volkmar Denner, Chairman of the Management Board)

Working at Bosch means sticking together: with a clear mission, a clear focus, and clear values to live and work by: We are Bosch.
We work hard for our customers and for society, but we also work hard to create a thriving and warm culture. That takes brave and confident leadership, the latest technology and plenty of space for networking and learning. Whatever your goals, we’re supportive and flexible.

Enjoy with Bosch — At a glance

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Attractive remuneration

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Wide range of benefits and perks

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Holistic health care with “befit”

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Support your personal work-life-balance

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Strong, global employee culture

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Employee networks

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